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Environmental Justice and Puerto Rico: Historical Roots and Contemporary Issues

Instructions and Examples

Environmental Justice (LAH/HMN 350)
University of Texas at Austin
​Spring 2019

Final Assignment: Environmental Justice Class Project (Puerto Rico)

The final assignment for our class will consist of a class project in which we collectively identify a region of the world that would benefit from being examined from the perspective of the environmental justice framework. 

The project will be built in an online environment (i.e., Scalar, Canvas, WordPress) and consist of sections that we determine will give a holistic picture of the history of the region in its relationship to environmental justice, a selection of environmental justice topics that are worthy of exploration, and a set of policy proposals designed to address these topics from within the contemporary and historical vantage points we have collectively assembled.   

Topic Proposal and Front Matter Due: Wednesday April 24 (End of Class Period)

First Draft Due: Monday May 13, 11:59pm (Notify me via email,, when complete). Your final portion of the site in Scalar should contain the following elements.  

This page references:

  1. Demand Safe Drinking Water in Puerto Rico
  2. Call to Action (Puerto Rico)