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How Technology Is Shaping Modern Agriculture

It goes without saying that agriculture is one of the most important industries in the entire world. A global industry with a value of around $500 trillion, agriculture is the lifeblood that helps us to survive and thrive. Without agriculture initiatives and ongoing efforts, the approach we have to food would be entirely different – even, many would argue, unrecognisable. This is an industry that has single-handedly given us the ability to eat well and to eat the highest quality. It is undeniable that agriculture shapes our quality of life, and to deny or otherwise refuse to acknowledge this truth would be silly (to put it lightly).

Now, technological advancement is revolutionising the industry from the inside out. While of course agriculture has been a powerhouse in just about every possible way from the beginning, it has also found itself conforming to the same unhealthy – even toxic – ideals as the rest of the world. Thankfully, like the rest of the world, agriculture is currently undergoing a technological overhaul – and it is a revolution that is set to positively transform the industry tenfold. Already, exciting innovations are happening, initiating crucial changes.

AI-powered agricultural concepts are becoming a reality

One of the most exciting innovations to impact the agriculture industry has got to be the introduction of AI-powered capabilities. While these are largely still in their developmental and early experimentation phases, there can be no getting around the fact that AI is now officially a leading capability in the revolution of agriculture going forward. From agri-robotics, to the automation of the entire industry, this is an innovation that is changing agriculture from the inside out. This is just the beginning, too – the best is yet to come.

Stack-powered crop plantations signal a hopeful future

In one of the most impressive and morally sustainable innovations to hit the agriculture industry, stack-powered crop technology is fast approaching real-time implementation. One of the most significant and worrying issues facing agriculture currently is the necessity of land to yield the produce. We are running out of land, and in a bid to be environmentally conscious, the introduction of stack-powered crop foundations introduces an initiative that signals the beginning of a hopeful future for agriculture.

The internet is changing the face of consumer awareness

Regardless of if you run a legitimate and respected seed bank, or if you front a farmers’ market in your local area, having ecommerce and social media be key growth strategies is more important than ever. Why? Because like it or not, modern consumers are more and more inclined to do their shopping online. Shifting consumer awareness means that modern (and future) consumers have less time in the day, and are therefore significantly more likely to focus their consumer-driven efforts online. So, agriculture has evolved to meet and exceed these expectations. The result is that agriculture is more globally inclusive, and now runs on a literally never-ending spectrum of consumer access that has positively changed the consumer experience for all.